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BMW's Electric Vision: A Beacon for the Automotive Future

As the Director of EV Smart UK, the recent insights from BMW's Chief Financial Officer, Walter Mertl, regarding the future of electric vehicles (EVs) resonates deeply with our mission at EV Smart.

The Peak of Petrol Cars and the Rise of EVs

Mertl's prediction that the demand for petrol cars has reached its peak is a significant indicator of the changing automotive landscape. This shift isn't just about changing consumer preferences; it's about a fundamental transformation in how we think about transportation.

BMW's Ambitious EV Targets

BMW's plan to sell half a million EVs this year, making up about 20% of their total deliveries, sets an ambitious benchmark in the industry. Last year's 75% increase in BMW's global sales of electric cars underlines the growing appetite for sustainable mobility. This aligns perfectly with our vision at EV Smart UK, where we aim to support this transition through our range of EV charging solutions.

The Tipping Point for Combustion Engines

Mertl's statement that the tipping point for combustion engines was last year is a clarion call for the industry. The anticipated plateau and subsequent decline in combustion car sales underscore the urgency for companies like ours to innovate and adapt.

BMW's Future in EVs

With a goal to sell three million electric vehicles by 2030 and expectations for higher returns from electric cars than combustion engines by the end of the decade, BMW is not just adapting to the trend but leading it. Their i Series range is expected to play a pivotal role in this transition.

EV Smart UK's Role in the EV Revolution

As BMW accelerates into the future of sustainable mobility, at EV Smart UK, we're poised to complement this shift. Our focus on providing cutting-edge, eco-friendly charging solutions positions us as a key player in supporting the adoption of EVs across the UK.

Final Thoughts

BMW's journey towards electrification is a testament to the broader shift in the automotive industry. It's an exciting time for all of us in the sector, and at EV Smart UK, we are thrilled to be part of this electric revolution!

Neil Bowater


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