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Where can i charge my car?

At home in a private garage / drive way, or at a designated parking spot / shared parking facility (common for apartments).
At work at your office building's parking facility, either reserved or (semi)public.
In public along streets, on the highway, and at any public parking facility you can think of - e.g. shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, golf courses etc.

How long does it takes to charge may car?

Charging times vary depending on your current level of battery charge, your battery capacity, your charging station's capacity and settings, as well as the capacity of your charging station's energy source (e.g. your home or an office building).

Plug-in hybrids require 1-4 hours to be fully charged, while full-electric cars require 4-8 hours (from 0 to 100%). On average, cars are parked at home for up to 14 hours a day, and at work for around 8 hours a day. With a charging station at your disposal, all this time can be used to top up your car to 100%.

Regular electricity outlet: Be warned if you’re charging your car from a regular electricity outlet. Charging at home would require a specific charging cable that prevents power outage and overheating. In addition, you will also need to make sure the outlet is nearby your car, as you may never use an extension cable to charge your car. Yet even with these precautions taken, charging from a regular outlet is highly discouraged, as most residential buildings aren't wired to carry high electrical draw. Charging times will depend on which country you are in. For an EV with a range of 160 km, you can expect a charging time of around 6-8 hours in Europe.

Charging station: This is the most recommended method of car charging, as it makes safe and efficient use of your car's and energy source's (e.g. home or office building) capacity. With a charging station to your disposal, you're always ensured of a fully charged car with maximum range, every time you hit the road. A charging station can charge up to 8 times faster than a regular outlet. This means that any EV will be charged 100% in just 1-4 hours. Find an overview of charging times for the most common battery capacities here.

Fast charging station: Fast Charging stations pop up most often outside cities and along highways. Despite being fast (it charges in 20-30 minutes), an average fast charger brings an EV only up to 80% at a single charging session. Due to the costly equipment and hardware of fast charging stations, these chargers are usually only purchased and built per request by local governments.

How much does it cost to charge my car?

In The UK, the average cost of charging any EV is around 35p per kWh. Let's say your electric car has an empty battery and approximately 12 kWh battery capacity. In most cases, your car should be able to reach approximately 60 - 80 m with a single charging session. 

Charging your EV would amount to a total of 12 x 0.35 = £4.20

Since every charging station provider might maintain different charging fees, we would advise you to visit your charging provider's website for more details. Unlike most charging providers, you're exempt from any charge card fees at all of the EV-Box charging points across the world.

Will my electricity bill go up?

Yes. In The UK, the electricity consumption of an average household goes up to about 3500 kW per year. Based on an average distance of 15.000 km per year, an electric car would annually require 3000 kW. But rest assured - with a personal charging station at your disposal, you can choose to charge your car at night, when you can take advantage of significantly lower electricity prices. Additionally, thanks to residential solar panels, you can also opt to generate your own electricity during the day. This way, EV charging is bound to become more cost effective in the long run.

How do I start charging?

After you get the EV Smart app, you’re ready to start charging. Find a place to charge using the app, which recommends stations that work with your EV.

Tip: Make sure you turn off your EV and open your charge port lid and cap before charging. There should be a button or release for the charge port lid in your EV, like for a fuel cap.

Step 1: Tap In

Tap your phone (with the app signed in to your account) or Smart EV card on the station to unlock the charging connector.

Step 2: Lift the Connector

Push the button on the connector to lift it out of the holster.

Step 3: Plug In (and Check In)

Plug the connector into your EV. Check your EV to make sure you’re charging (there are often indicator lights on the dashboard).

Step 4: Do Your Thing

Relax and go about your day. We’ll send you an update when your car has finished charging.

Step 5: Tap Out

When you get back to your EV, tap your phone or card ) to end your session. The station will show you how much it cost and we’ll send you a receipt.

Don’t forget to unplug the connector and put it back in the holster. Then, drive away happier in your fully-charged EV.

How do I pay for charging?

EV Smart charge you 35p per kWh, you will be charged a £1 connection fee against your card. This also acts as a pre authorisation to pay for the electricity consumed.

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