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Get to Know Us

About EV Smart UK - Pioneering Sustainable EV Charging Solutions Since 2020

Our Journey Begins

Founded in 2020, EV Smart UK embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging across the nation. Recognising the urgent need for sustainable and efficient EV charging solutions, our company was established at a pivotal moment in the automotive and energy sectors. Our inception coincided with a global shift towards greener transportation, placing us at the forefront of a revolution in how we power our journeys.

A Fusion of Expertise

At the heart of EV Smart UK is our dynamic management team, bringing together over 40 years of combined experience in key industries pivotal to our success. Our team's diverse background encompasses Construction, Software Development, Telecoms, and Electrical Services, allowing us to craft a unique approach to EV charging solutions.


With decades of experience in construction, our team understands the intricacies of building robust, reliable infrastructure. This expertise ensures that our charging stations are not only strategically located but are also built to last.

Software Development

In an age where technology drives progress, our software development expertise is our ace card. We have harnessed cutting-edge technology to create user-friendly, efficient, and secure software that powers our EV charging networks.


Connectivity is at the core of our operations. Our background in telecoms has enabled us to establish a seamless communication network for our charging stations, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted service for our customers.

Electrical Services

With a deep understanding of electrical systems, our team excels in providing safe, efficient, and innovative EV charging solutions. Our expertise in electrical services ensures that every charging point we install meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Our Vision for the Future

As we look ahead, EV Smart UK is committed to expanding its reach and continuing to innovate in the field of EV charging. Our goal is to make electric vehicle charging as commonplace and convenient as traditional fuel stations are today. We are dedicated to contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future, where every journey contributes positively to our planet.

Join us in driving the change. Together, we can power a brighter, cleaner future.

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Our Philosophy

EV Smart considers economic, environmental, and social responsibility an integral part of its corporate philosophy and understands the contribution we can make to a more sustainable future. Our strategy aims to protect the natural environment, enhance the lives of our employees and the people who utilize our products and services, and connect with the communities in which we operate.

EV Smart is committed to carbon reduction, with a clear and committed approach to sustainability in every area of our business, and by bringing our partners on this journey with us. We believe encouraging the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) reduces the emissions that contribute to climate change, thus improving public health and reducing C02 emissions.


100% Sustainabilty

All of the electricity supplied through our chargers comes from renewable energy sources, including solar and wind farms. This means you can be sure you’re doing the best you can for the environment when you top up with EV Smart.

Sustainability is a key priority for us as a business and we support a number of clean air initiatives.

As a business we are constantly looking at new ways to drive down our own impact on the environment and work with a number of partners to ensure our operations are as sustainable as they can be.

Solar Panels


Cleaning up the environment 



Air quality in our towns and cities is a major talking point up and down the country. The Mayor of London says that around half of all of London’s air pollution comes from road traffic.

Switching to driving an EV can help to reduce this – creating a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as improving general health.

In a year, it is estimated that one electric car on the road can save the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona – so just think what a whole nation of them could achieve for our environment.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make driving an EV simple and manageable for everyone in the UK.


2030 Electrifying the future


In November 2020, the UK Government made the historic decision to cease the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2030. This is a huge step forward for the country’s carbon reduction targets, and will contribute massively to nationwide net zero targets.

For this to work, the infrastructure needs to be in place across the country for drivers to have easy access to reliable public EV charging stations.

We are committed to expanding our network to 10,000 chargers in the coming years to aid drivers in making the switch to electric. Our rapid EV chargers are simple-to-use and have no hidden fees, giving drivers who have never before owned an electric car or van the peace of mind that they will face no issues.

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