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At EV Smart we're always looking for new locations. Quality sites are usually in busy urban centres or just off major highway junctions. “Destination” locations with good levels of traffic are also relevant.

Curious to see if your location is appropriate for a EV Smart charging station?

Alt: "Alpitronic HYC 300 - High-Power Electric Vehicle Charging Station"

We're looking for locations

Together we can work to deliver clean air! To help make e-mobility a reality, our highways and urban centres need more, higher-power charging infrastructures.


As a property owner or developer you can help deliver a sustainable future. Help make it happen by delivering superfast charging on your site.


The energy transition needs you

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Our services involve supplying and installing DC fast chargers. In return we pay our hosts rental income (fixed/revenue share) as well as obtaining the ensuing benefits:

  • Marketing/PR

  • Attract customers

  • Increased dwell time

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • Back-up your brand values and CSR commitments

  • Increasing property value

Why EV Smart

  • Long lease and fixed rental income and/or revenue share

  • Universal open access charging at high speeds no preference to any make/models of vehicles

  • Offering multiple payment methods

  • Flexible development solutions to meet site requirements and space availability

  • Join a growing network of over 450+ charging stations

  • Maximum Reliability and best in class technology

  • Encompassing grid updates planned for the future

  • Installation at no cost to landlords/partners

  • Strong reputation and brand

  • A turnkey solution - "Fit and Forget"  EV Smart looks after everything; from planning & permitting through to 24/7 customer service

  • Experienced EV team

  • EV Smart believes in the transition to cleaner energy

Alt: "Alpitronic HYC 200 - Electric Vehicle Charging Station"

We do the work at no cost to our partners!

This includes:

- Completing the DNO application for an independent electricity supply
- Complete turnkey supply and installation
- Full maintenance of all charging stations by our nationwide team of engineers
- Continued investment in charger technology to guarantee we meet changes to current industry standards


Reputable. Forward-thinking. Versatile.Bringing reliable EV charging to your customers.

Deploying Ultra-Rapid EV Hubs

Local authorities and commercial landowners should consider where and how they can support the deployment of ultra-rapid charging hubs in their areas. It is important to position these charging hubs in the most optimal locations. Typically, a good location will be:

  • Close to major routes through the city

  • Close to areas housing without off-street parking

  • Within council-owned car parks or retail car parks. Mainly open-air, large car parks

  • Close to an electrical connection

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